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Western Union Money Transfer

Receive money in India

With more than 50,000 Agent locations across India, you are sure to appreciate the convenience of the Western Union Money Transfer service.

Pick up money at an Agent location
You can pick up money from any one of the 50,000 Agent locations across India.

Learn how to pick up money at an Agent location

Track a money transfer

Track a money transfer online

You can also contact Customer Service in India at
+91 80 2222 1851.

Optional money transfer services in India:

Home delivery service is available through AFL Limited.

Telephone notification is available through all locations.

Message service is available at all locations.

To learn more about our money transfer services to India, take a look at the answers to frequently asked questions.

Restrictions and Special Notes

Receiving in India:

As a government requirement, maximum payout amount is not more than $2,500 US dollars (or IN Rupee equivalent) per transaction. Sender threshold amount has therefore been set at Indian Rupees 119,750 to ensure exchange fluctuations do not result in the transaction being declined to the receiver.

Maximum cash payout for all Indian nationals and all residents (Indian or Foreign) is 50,000 IN Rupee; Payouts over 50,000 IN Rupee will be paid by local crossed check only. 

There is no cash payout limit for foreign passport holders in India. 

As a government requirement, a payee can only receive a maximum of 12 transactions per calendar year.

Receiver must present valid identification.

Receiver must present correct Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).

Will Call transfers to the states and Islands of Tamil Nadu, Kerela, Andhra Pradesh, Andaman/Nicobar or Pondicherry will be charged a special flat fee per transaction, regardless of principal amount being sent.

General Information:

Sender's full address must be included on all money transfers to India.

Pursuant to Indian government regulations, money transfer payments are reserved for private consumer use only and cannot be used for commercial or business purposes, for purchase of property, or for investments.

Test Question is not allowed.

Paying location is required to maintain a photocopy of identification documents presented by the Receiver.


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