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      Western Union Payment Services

      How to send a cash payment for airline tickets

      STEP 1: Book your trip
      Call one of the participating airlines to book your trip.

      STEP 2: Send a cash payment
      Once you reserve your seat, tell the airline reservation agent you want to send a cash payment through Western Union.

      STEP 3: Get confirmation number
      The airline will give you a confirmation number and code city/state to be used on the blue Western Union form.

      STEP 4: Go to a Western Union Agent location
      Go to any participating Western Union Agent location within 24 hours of making your reservation.

      STEP 5: Complete the blue form
      At the location, complete the blue form and provide payment to the Agent clerk. The Agent clerk will complete your transaction and give you a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), confirming your transaction.

      STEP 6: Airline notification
      We’ll notify the airline that you paid for your ticket, they’ll reserve your seat, and you will have an e-ticket waiting at the airport.

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