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Western Union® Payment Services

The Western Union® Quick Collect® Service

As a leader in rapid payments, the Quick Collect service provides you with 100 percent good guaranteed funds.

Give consumers choice
The Western Union® Quick Collect® service gives consumers a choice of three ways to send a bill payment to you fast.

At an Agent location

By telephone


Quick Collect makes sending bill payments easy, convenient, and reliable for consumers, so you have a better chance of receiving a payment.

The Quick Collect® service benefits

Available to consumers at participating Agent locations worldwide and online.

Receive payment notification in minutes–no need to wait for checks or credit card payments.

Provides you with 100 percent guaranteed good funds.

Gives a cash option to consumers without credit cards or checking accounts, or to those who prefer to send cash payments.

How to verify Quick Collect payments
Western Union offers two ways to find out if a Western Union Quick Collect payment has been sent.
  1. QuickFindSM
    Next best thing to real-time information. Download reports and access other information.
  2. Payment Status Service
    Call to 1-800-238-8772.

Learn more
Contact us for more information or to sign up for a Quick Collect training.