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Western Union® Payment Services

Payment Solutions for Mortgage Companies

With Western Union® Payment Services, you have a trusted source for a variety of payment type - cash, ACH, credit and debit cards, and eBill presentment and payment.

Automate consumer payments
Choose from any, or all,of the mortgage services from Western Union.

Equity Accelerator® is a service for accelerating mortgage payments.

Western Union Speedpay® is a comprehensive, bill payment service.

Just in Time EFT® is a last minute bill payment service for Fidelity users.

The Western Union® Quick Collect® service provides you with 100 percent guaranteed good funds.

The Western Union® Speedpay® service

Improves customer service levels by providing a 24x7 bill payment service.

Can enhances cash flow.

Can increase fee income.

Reduces costs associated with call centers and returned transactions.

Provides an ATM/debit card option that receives a real-time authorization.

Helps collections and promotes operational efficiencies through coordination with dialer, back office and technical environments.

Promotes efficiency across all bill payments through integration with Western Union cash bill payment and lockbox services.

Eliminates the need to invest in hardware, software and technical personnel to support the service.

Includes an eBill present and payment option.

The Just In Time EFT® service

Fully integrated solution with the Fidelity servicing system.

Multiple channels including call center, IVR and Web.

Gain efficiencies with low-cost ACH transactions and unattended payment channels.

Can increase fee income.

Fast notification of NSFs with automated reversal processing.

Customized reporting.

The Equity Accelerator® service

Increase fee revenue.

Decrease delinquencies.

Reduce costs associated with payment acceptance and back-end processing.

Provides homeowners with a variety of financial benefits, including potential interest savings and equity growth.

Offers flexibility and control to consumers with the Pay to Payday® withdrawal.

Enables withdrawals from two or more bank accounts.

Direct mail solicitation, including targeting models and custom mail pieces.

Toll-free inbound call center.

Enrollment processing, including required authorizations.

Customer service, handling changes and inquiries.

ACH processing, including statements of failed debits.

Reconciliation of accounts.

The Quick Collect payment service
With the Quick Collect service, consumers can:

Send Quick Collect payments at participating Western Union Agent locations, expanding your walk-in payment center capabilities.

Send Quick Collect payments online from westernunion.com.

Send Quick Collect payments by phone.

And you will:

Receive notice within minutes of any Quick Collect payment so you can update your dialer – whether it was made by phone, in person, or online.

Get access to your choice of payment verification services so that your reps can check on consumer payments.

Receive electronic notification files and funding reconciliation reports.

Benefit from comprehensive training for your call centers on all Quick Collect features and payment verification tools.

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