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Western Union® Payment Services

Payment Solutions for Child Support Agencies

Service benefits for state child support agencies

Expand payment choice by offering credit card and ACH options.

Authorize credit card payments in real time.

Reliable 24x7 service monitoring by technical personnel.

Improve customer service levels with a 24x7x365 bill payment service.

Help reduce costs associated with returned payments.

Enhance collections and promotes efficiencies through coordination with dialer, back office, and technical environments.

Promote efficiency across all bill payments through integration with Western Union cash bill payment and lockbox services.

Eliminate the need to invest in hardware, software, and technical personnel to support the service.

Set your own business rules using our menus.

Offer consumers three easy ways to pay: At a Western Union Agent location, by phone, or online at westernunion.com.

100 percent guaranteed good funds option.

Expand the number of walk-in payment centers to nationwide, making it easy for non-custodial parents to send their child support.

Reduce the amount of cash handled at state payment centers.

Reduce the amount of incoming checks and money orders that your agency must process.

Improve collections and disbursements.

Receive payment notification around the clock.

Eliminate manual posting of transactions with our automated posting process.

Replace the hassles of NSFs, returned payments, and money orders.

Reduce the likelihood of lost funds sent in for the custodial parent.

Offers two ways to find details of a Western Union Quick Collect payment: QuickFindSM and Payment Status Service (toll-free call).

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Call us at 1-800-525-6313 to view a demo and to learn more about how the Western Union services can help state agencies.